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Modern medical text connects life-balance, wellness and psychiatric genetics.

In preparation for the upcoming seminar program at the end of March in MIlan for the Italian chiropractic association in which I will be presenting “Emotional trauma and the philosophy of chiropractic.”  I was reading from my neuro-chemistry text:  Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology – chapter 6 – psychiatric genetics. The following are excerpts:  “Not too many years ago, from the classic theory of psychiatry, researchers were looking for the single genetic abnormality thought to cause a specific psychiatric abnormality…  Experts have failed to define the symptoms and syndromes that have evolved out of numerous genes, since in many ways they have been working  backwards – that is from the syndrome to the gene.” This pretty much sums up the history of the allopathic approach!

“A person inherits risk not illness… and there are several possible ways to combine sufficient risk with sufficient opportunity in the environment to express that risk…”  That’s epigenetics.   “…genes alone are not enough to cause a mental illness…   According to the Stress Diathesis Hypothesis something else generally has to occur from the environment to make the inheritance of silent risk become manifest as illness.  That “something else” is often known as stress*.  Environmental stressors are often life events, such as abusive childhood experiences, difficult adult experiences such as divorce or financial reversals (how about that medically/scientific appropriate language!) or biological stressors such as viruses, toxins, or other illnesses.” “Individuals with a risk gene for a mental illness, however, will react differently to a life stressor, but you might never know it… however, if you had the ability to measure the effect the stressor has on information processing of the circuit in the individual, you would see that there is over-activation of that circuit.”     The chapter ends with a summary and the medical moral of the story: “Genes do not cause illness but can bias brain circuits toward inefficient information processing, which may lead to mental illness under certain circumstances.”   The “certain circumstances” the book is referring to I believe to be clearly defined and can be approached with a systematic holistic method of wellness care which I have named Life Balance System.  With the appropriate knowledge and application the “sufficient risk factors” can be minimized allowing us to express our greatest health potential.

*Stress: any phisycal, chemical, mental/emotional trauma that the body is unable to adapt to

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